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Lego Store R2D2 Star Wars Statue

Here’s another angle of the life-size R2D2 at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney right next to Disneyland in California. This is pretty much the only place you can catch a glimpse of a Lego R2D2 and life-size Lego Darth Vader south of Los Angeles, as it is pretty much the only Lego Store around the area. This photo shows good detailing of Artoo’s front side. Amazingly, no pieces are missing, he’s glued on really tight! There really isn’t a great Lego R2D2 you can buy except the Technic set, but it’s no way as menacing as the Technic Darth Vader unfortunately.

lego store r2d2 statue
lego store r2d2 statue
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  • Title Lego Store R2D2 Star Wars Statue
  • Updated Nov 30, 2016
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