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Lego Star Wars Foosball Table

We’re big Lego Star Wars fans here and any cool custom Lego Star Wars creation always gets our attention. Like the Lego Star Wars chess set, this foosball table made entirely from Legos, is totally playable, and is about as awesome as it gets. Without looking too deeply, it looks like the creator simply glued together a few Lego minifigs to a foosball table, but after looking at it a bit longer, you realize the entire thing is made out of Legos. The Lego Star Wars foosball table looks beautiful with a white tabletop finish and wood-looking handles with black sides. It’s looks like the only thing that isn’t a Lego is the foosball ball itself. Obviously, it’s the Empire versus the Republic as you’ll see the likes of Leia in the slave princess outfit, Han Solo, Luke, Admiral Ackbar, and C3PO as goalie against an army of stormtrooper minifigs with an Imperial starship captain as goalie. If only the war between the Republic and the Empire could have just been settled right here on this Lego foosball table, it would sure as heck ended a lot sooner, and a lot more fun too.

lego star wars foosball table


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  • Title Lego Star Wars Foosball Table
  • Updated Mar 1, 2017
  • Category Star Wars
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What Do You Think?
  • mata feregorais

    “Cavemen collectible minifigures are as exciting as ever. We’ve previously seen a caveman in the woods, and now we see one taking his date’s mother out for a drive in a Flintstones-esque car. The Hong Kong LEGO Users Group is having a 16×16 Vignette Competition, so we’ll probably see a few more great little creations like this one.”