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Life Size Lego Stormtrooper from Clone Wars

Star Wars’ Clone Wars TV series has hit it big once again with television viewers. The Stormtroopers have become the pinnacle characters of the entire Star Wars saga. So how cool would it be to see a life size Lego Stormtrooper? Yes, that’s right, a Clone Wars Stormtrooper made of Lego’s! Check out the helmet that’s colored in white, blue and black. Classic Clone Wars colors. And note how the life size Lego Stormtrooper is built so true to the Star Wars story line – full body armor with extra shields and belt to top it off! And finally, don’t you love how the Lego Stormtrooper is posing with his blaster?!

Life Size Lego Stormtrooper from Clone Wars
Life Size Lego Stormtrooper from Clone Wars
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  • Title Life Size Lego Stormtrooper from Clone Wars
  • Updated Jan 12, 2017
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