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Lego Star Wars Death Star Hangar Shuttle Scene

If you’re enough of a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of Lego Star Wars sets, perhaps enough to recreate an entire scene from the Star Wars movie… say Return of the Jedi perhaps? Well too late! Someone’s already thought of it before you and what you see before you is a beautifully recreated scene of the Emperor Palpatine’s landing scene as he arrives in the second Death Star’s hangar bay in his Tyderian shuttle escorted by his royal red guard stormtroopers. If it weren’t all done in Lego, you’d seriously swear this shot came straight from the movie. One cool bit is the blurry head of an AT-AT walker in the lower right foreground, just adds nice depth and shows off this Lego creator’s extensive Star Wars collection. Seriously, any guy with that many Lego Star Wars minifigs should at least own the motorized AT-AT walker Lego set.

lego death star hangar scene
lego death star hangar scene
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  • Title Lego Star Wars Death Star Hangar Shuttle Scene
  • Updated Jan 16, 2017
  • Category Star Wars, Vignette
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